Welcome to Spark the LearningA place meant to provoke deeper thinking and inspire other educators and parents alike.

This blog was created as a space for me to share some of the highlights and reflections I experience as a Kindergarten teacher in an Ontario public school board.  Being influenced by a plethora of educational theories and research, including the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning, project-based learning, inquiry-based learning and emergent curriculum, I utilize each in ways that make sense for my unique groups of little ones.

My hope is that readers will gain insight into the new play-based and inquiry-rich, Full Day Kindergarten program within Ontario, find ideas for their own children or students and begin to share with me, a similar passion of student-centered learning that has driven me along my journey.

This is a safe place for others to share their own ideas, ask questions (even the difficult ones!) and advance as educators to 21st Century learners. If there is one theme that has remained central for me over the years, it is that continuing to learn and grow as a professional (and as an adult) is just as crucial as expecting the same from my students. Cultivating a genuine love for learning within my little ones is made possible by modeling this quality as their teacher but also by truly living it and allowing it to permeate my very persona and become a part of my identity. By reaching out and never simply accepting traditional teaching methods, I actively seek out ways to make connections to each and every one of my students, honouring their varying learning styles, needs and strengths.

As they all move on in their educational adventures, I am optimistic that I have given my students reasons to be excited about learning as well as the tools and skills they need to be confident and courageous learners, to ask questions and to find answers but to never stop there.

Please feel free to use my site as a source of inspiration and as a starting point for your own teaching and learning journeys. Comments and questions are always welcome!

* Note: All children who appear in photos on www.sparkthelearning.com have attained signed permission from their families.

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